What are monopiles?

A monopile is a fixed bottom foundation design, which is used primarily for offshore wind projects. Designed using thick & heavy steel plates, the primary materials are joined and rolled into can and cone sections, seamlessly welded together to form a robust steel tubular structure which is driven into the seabed to support the wind turbine generator (WTG). Monopiles are typically the foundation of choice for offshore wind projects, with circa 80% of all operational turbines supported using a monopile foundation. 


Cost Effectiveness and Reliability
Monopiles have a simpler fabrication process compared to other foundations, using a technology driven semi-automated process to create a cost-effective and robust solution for offshore wind turbines.


The newest generation of monopiles are set to be installed into deeper waters supporting the world’s largest turbines in the market.

Proven Track Record
Monopiles have been manufactured and installed successfully in offshore wind projects globally, with their reliability and performance well documented throughout the market.

SeAH Wind will be able to offer an efficient solution all from a singular site with the following capabilities: 

  • In-house expertise regarding supply chain and engineering. 
  • Cut and edge preparation of heavy steel plates.
  • Plate rolling capabilities up to 15.5m outside diameter.
  • Inside and Outside Longitudinal and Circumferential SAW Welding
  • Dedicated area for Secondary steel connections for TP-Less Monopiles.
  • Growing capabilities for the largest MPs in the market. 
  • Fully integrated internal and external coating booths. 
  • Available storage for monopiles
  • 200m from boundary edge to quayside.
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