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SeAH Wind Ltd, will be leading the transition into a new generation of foundations for the Offshore Wind market. SeAH Steel Holdings Corporation, are taking over 60 years of know-how and expertise in rolling, forming and welding into their newest multi-million investment, constructing the world’s largest bespoke XXXL monopile manufacturing facility to date, supporting globally the transition into cleaner renewable energy. 

The meaning behind “SeAH” means to make the world beautiful in Korean. Not only do we want to be the best in class, providing honest and professional services in cost, quality, and delivery for our stakeholders, but we want to enrich the lives of those around us in the long term by following our passion in delivering large steel structures to better our future.

"SeAH values humanity and contributes to enriching the lives of everyone by combining the right people, the right workplace and the right products."
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Monopile Facility

SeAH Wind are a 100% fully owned group company of SeAH Steel Holdings Corporation based in the United Kingdom, constructing of our monopile manufacturing facility located on the South Bank, Teesworks site. Once fully completed, the main building will span 40m in height, 810m in length and 200m in width. Aligned with the demand in the market for large-scale products, our in-house technological capabilities can deliver monopiles up to a maximum 15.5m in outside diameter, 120m in length, and 3500 metric tons.

It is envisaged that this facility will not only provide reduced costs for clients by providing a fully end-to-end service from a single location, but support in fulfilling the growing demand for larger products to help accelerate the growing need for offshore wind development.

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Message from our CEO

“I am grateful for the dedication and hard work of our incredible team here at SeAH Wind. Reflecting back, we have taken many important steps preparing an investment of this scale to be a success for the future. Today, we are currently under construction of the single largest bespoke monopile facility in the world, and have secured multi-million pound contracts with the biggest developers in the industry to deliver monopiles right here on our door-step, in the United Kingdom. SeAH not only envisage being an important market leader in such a critical industry, but plan on becoming a pioneer for the next generation of large-scale products which will support and drive the world’s energy transition to a Net Zero future”.

Chris Sunghwal Sohn

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About SeAH

The name “SeAH” has built a global presence around the world, specialising in the fabrication and export of steel pipes. At SeAH, we make the world into a beautiful place through our Honest, Passionate and Professional DNA.

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See the latest updates on our progress in constructing the single largest XXXL monopile manufacturing facility globally, here in the United Kingdom.

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Offering the next generation of foundations for the offshore wind market, all from a singular site. Find out more on how we are integrating the latest technology and processes into our fully end-to-end manufacturing facility. 

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